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Submit a phrase or link that you want publicized. There is no account creation necessary. Just pick a username and submit! Every hour a completely random user will be selected and their phrase will be displayed for all to see. Phrases can be anything from encouraging words, advertisements, or just silly words. Get creative and most importantly have fun!

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To The Moon

You are a Chikun playing the cryptocurrency roller coaster. Your goal is to buy Cryptos low and sell them high! Each level is a different pump, where everyone is buying coins to drive the price up, so you want to buy as many coins early as possible. Be careful though! Pumps never last long and will crash HARD. Once you reach the moon you want to dump your coins quickly to maximize profit.

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Balloon Destroyer

Destroy Ballons with your fingers! Dont let too many past or you will lose! Tap Balloons to pop them. Carefull though, Some are worth more than others. Buy upgrades from the shop to stay efficient and destroy as many balloons as possible!

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Nutrition Expedition

A highly addictive game in which you control a basket to try and catch falling food from the sky! Try to stay alive as time is ticking and no one can stay alive without proper nutrition. Learn what food to catch and what to avoid! Collect boosts to help you stay healthy! Save your score to our global servers to see how you stack up against the competition!

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