A LOT goes into creating a game no matter what platform you create it for. From game design, to coding, to sprites and sounds needed for the game, it requires multiple forms of content to create a well rounded game. Here are some useful links and resources that will hopefully help and save time for other game devs who may need it.

Game Dev Environments

GameMaker - Free for Mac/windows Export, $9rt9-$800 for other Exports - Easy to set up and use. Requires learning GML (Game Maker Language) which is fairly easy to learn and very efficient. Has a Large supportive community backing it. Recommended for 2D games, but has capability for 3D built in.

Construct 2 - $130 personal license, $430 business license - Similair to Gamemaker uses a standard codebase for exporting to multiple platfroms. Recommended for 2D games.

Unity - $1500 or $75/month + $1500 or $75/month for iphone/android Exports - Extremely powerful development suite. Has a high learning curve yet extremely functional. Recommended for larger games and 3D games.

Game Materials


OpenClipArt - Free graphics, very useful in creating sprites for games

OpenGameArt - Huge databse of art specifically designed for gaming. Ussually the first stop for finding what I need

DeviantArt - Sometimes free art just doesnt cut it. Go here to hire artists or buy their work


FreeSound - My first choice of finding free quality clips in the format needed

FindSounds - Another great site that offers a plethora of free sound bytes

AudioJungle - Massive library of cheap royalty-free sounds